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Welcome!  To seek therapy is not an easy decision to come to.  I know that with the pressures of today's world adding another thing to do can feel overwhelming.  However, sometimes we need a little support to manage all the obstacles in our lives. We need to see things from a different perspective that our friends and family can not give.  We need to feel safe and be heard.

I love what I do and feel honored to meet with so many amazing people.  I have over 20 years experience working in the field of mental health in out-patient, in-patient, vocational, residential, group therapy and private practice working with evidenced based therapies such as cognitive, cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral therapy skills, existential, psychodynamic and humanistic.  I don't sit behind a clip board or try to fit your needs to my therapeutic style.  In fact I really want to get to know you where you are.  You are the expert in your life. Whether or not I am working with an individual or a couple, I can bring my experience to the table to help you manage your life obstacles and teach you the skills you need to move forward. 

Therapy isn't a one-way mirror and there is no one size fits all. Each experience is different and your experience is unique to you.  You steer the ship and are an equal partner in this process.  Growth is not always comfortable but it is rewarding.  Feel free to ask questions when you contact me, I invite your feedback and I too am changed by each experience! Look forward to meeting you.

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